stutter shook and uptight.

@Luke5SOS I feel like I have Ashton’s voice in my head saying jigglypuff

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a game of tags

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excuse me while i FLAIL

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title: figure my heart out
pairing: liam/harry
rating: mature
summary: Glancing up at the departures board, Harry shifts the bag on his shoulder and thanks whatever god listening at that moment that it’s the middle of the night, and that there aren’t any fans around.
or the one where it all starts when liam texts harry in the middle of the night from eight timezones away.

figure my heart out on ao3

authors note: ahh this is my first fic and it’s for payneslouis' birthday so like. yeah. unbetaed and unbritpicked so any mistakes are my own. byeee

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Andrew Garfield makes pizza at ‘Locanda dei Girasoli’ in Rome, Italy (April 14, 2014)

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I’M SO FUCKING SICK OF BEING SICK. i wanna do postssss, i’m five away from thirty leave me beeeeee. my head hurts though.

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Stucky AU

Bodyguard Steve & Spoiled client Bucky

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